In Baroque Reminiscence

In Baroque Reminiscence
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  • AvP Number : 100
  • Composer : Leslie Uyeda
  • Canadian : Yes
  • Instrumentation : soprano and piano
  • Format : one score
  • Difficulty : difficult
  • Duration : 21:30
  • Pages (print) : 44
  • Pages (download) : 45

A dramatic cycle of four songs by Leslie Uyeda written to poetry of Brenda Brooks, with borrowing and infusion of many elements of composition and expression of the Baroque.

Lesle Uyeda composed these three songs –  Owl’s Take on Man, Crow’s Take on Man and Midnight Watch – to the poetry of Lorna Crozier. The owl, the crow, the barn animals – all speak to us “at a level beyond thought”.
Crozier’s birds and animals say what we won’t, or can’t, and in their luminous language, offer a shield from our own stubbornness and folly.