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  • AvP Number : 190
  • Composer : Sylvia Rickard
  • Composer Dates : born 1937
  • Canadian : Yes
  • Instrumentation : piano
  • Format : score
  • Difficulty : Difficult
  • Duration : 18:00
  • Pages (print) : 20
  • Pages (download) : 24

Sylvia Rickard was inspired to compose this piece for her pianist friend Toshiko Tampo after observing a shower of shooting stars. In Nagareboshi, Rickard tried to evoke the vastness of the night skies in Sapporo, Toshiko’s hometown. Nagareboshi means “shooting stars” in Japanese and the subtitles of the three movements make up a haiku. This piece requires a grand piano since the performer is often called upon to play on the inner strings of the piano.