Three Persian Quatrains

Three Persian Quatrains
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  • AvP Number : 199
  • Composer : Jean Coulthard
  • Composer Dates : 1908-2000
  • Canadian : Yes
  • Instrumentation : baritone and piano
  • Format : one score
  • Difficulty : moderate
  • Duration : 5:00
  • Pages (print) : 12
  • Pages (download) : 16

Coulthard gives these quatrains a sense of urgency even at moderate tempi. These brief texts use only a minute or two to convey their messages. Coulthard does this same thing in music by giving alternating rhythms to piano and voice, and a sense of continuous movement right to the end of each song text.

Lesle Uyeda composed these three songs –  Owl’s Take on Man, Crow’s Take on Man and Midnight Watch – to the poetry of Lorna Crozier. The owl, the crow, the barn animals – all speak to us “at a level beyond thought”.
Crozier’s birds and animals say what we won’t, or can’t, and in their luminous language, offer a shield from our own stubbornness and folly.