When the Sun Comes Out (piano/vocal score)

When the Sun Comes Out (piano/vocal score)
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  • AvP Number : 162
  • Composer : Leslie Uyeda
  • Canadian : Yes
  • Instrumentation : soprano, mezzo, baritone and piano
  • Format : score
  • Difficulty : difficult
  • Duration : 90:00
  • Pages (print) : 208
  • Pages (download) : 209

The chamber opera When the Sun Comes Out was composed by Leslie Uyeda with libretto by Rachel Rose. Set in an imaginary country called Fundamentalia, a country where violation of gender roles is punishable by death, the opera tells the story of a love affair between two women, Lilah – a wealthy married mother, and Solana – a gender outlaw and rebellious outsider. When their affair is discovered by Lilah’s husband, Javan, he begins to reveal his own, hidden love for a man.

An orchestrated score and instrumental parts are also available. Arias extracted from the opera are published as Solana’s Song, Javan’s Lament and Three Arias.